Transforming dreams into financial reality with Monumental Financial Planning.

Get to know the professionals who are committed to their goals of lifting your financial burdens and paving the way to your prosperous future.

Monumental Financial Planning Transforming dreams

Creating monuments of wealth, one journey at a time.

Just like the timeless monuments that line the streets of our city, we understand that every financial journey requires a strong foundation. With us, you’ll never feel alone or uncertain in your pursuit of financial freedom. We’re not just advisors; we’re your partners, vested in your financial well-being and future prosperity.

Born from passion.
Driven by your success.

John Cortale founded Monumental Financial Planning with a simple goal: To make every client feel seen, welcomed, and burden-free.

Starting as an intern at Smith Barney to now leading a team of five dedicated professionals, John’s vision remains the same – empowering individuals to pursue their life goals and find confidence in their financial futures as they reach their work-optional phase of life.

John Cortale at Monumental Financial Planning

Turning financial dreams into legacies.

Our mission extends beyond numbers; it’s about making a genuine difference in lives. Take the story of a single mother we once served – she didn’t consider herself wealthy but wanted to secure her retirement and leave a legacy for her daughter.

From 2002 to her passing in 2016, we nurtured her financial growth. Now, we continue to invest in her daughter’s future.

Your dreams, like hers, are the heart of our work, as we strive to shape enduring financial legacies that will echo through generations.

What makes us different?

Capital City Roots.

Our location at the heart of Washington D.C. isn’t incidental. Surrounded by historical symbols of resilience, we’re inspired daily to build enduring wealth for our clients. Just as these monuments have weathered time, we’re committed to ensuring your financial future does the same.

Enduring Commitment.

We don’t merely manage your finances; we build relationships for the long haul. Our young team, fueled by wisdom and foresight, stands ready to guide you toward the work-optional phase of life. We’re here for you today, tomorrow, and for the years to come.

Transparent Partnership.

As your fiduciary partners, our dedication is to serve you with impartial and sound financial guidance. Our fee-only structure ensures no hidden charges or commissions – transparency is our promise. We prize our independence, answering not to larger financial institutions but directly to you. Unlike many firms, we manage all financial planning and investment operations in-house, reflecting our commitment to maintaining the highest level of personalized service. We only do better when our clients do better.


A team united by a singular purpose:
Your Success

John Cortale at Monumental Financial Planning

John Cortale

Managing Director | Wealth Advisor

John Moran at Monumental Financial Planning

John Moran

Vice President | Wealth Advisor

Nina Kamrani at Monumental Financial Planning

Nina Kamrani

Associate Wealth Advisor

Adam Mirza at Monumental Financial Planning

Adam Mirza

Client Service Associate

Omaid Omar at Monumental Financial Planning

Omaid Omar

Client Service Coordinator